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August 4, 2010

90 Years AND Counting!

This past weekend my family on my Mom's side gathered to celebrate my Ma-Maw's 90th birthday at Red Top Mountain State Park on the lake.

Ma-Maw is 90 going on 50, she's healthy as a horse and rides her stationary bike 5 miles EVERY day... and to beat that, it's on her back porch in this horrible heat.  Go Ma-Maw!

Amazing how one woman can make this many people, and this isn't everyone.

Ma-Maw, Lexi and me ofcourse!

My Ma-Maw and my Mom

If only she were as sweet the whole time as she was in this picture.
(I know I have other children, but they were busy swimming the entire time)

My cousin and her sweet baby, I just had to add this...