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September 9, 2008


So when you have kids, no matter how many you have, things happen. We have a coffee table that I just despise, because it has a glass top, and Alex likes to flip around our living room and jump off the couch I'm always terrified he's going to crack his head open. So I moved the glass off the table and just left the pedestal there in case of company I can just pop the glass back on it. Big mistake. Big. Amber had a mishap with her knee and the pedestal yesterday. Had I not been standing there talking to her when it happened I would not have believed that she tripped and I guess in an effort to get her balance she brought her knee up well it went onto the top of the pedestal and then into the pedastal. So now I have a big hole in my coffee table. It isn't repairable, we've looked it over. It's fiberglass so it's finished. :(
So anyone have any craft ideas how to cover the hole and save the table? This is what the end table looks like without the hole. Ideas please!


PB&J's Mommy said...

Oh no! Poor Amber, that looks like it must have hurt ... and poor coffee table pedestal :( I don't have any crafty ideas on how might to fix it. The only thing that comes to mnd is putting something like a small table cloth over it before you put the glass back on. I'm telling you coffee tables and kids just are not a good match :(

Rosie : ) said...

Is it even possible to flip the base around? You can buy some netting type of metal and plaster it yourself after, if you wish to do so {the stuff for drywall would work nicely}. Or, put a cloth of some kind on top of it to hide the hole? I really don't have many incredible solutions. I think I would send it to furniture heaven and get one that is not glass top. ;)

Side note: We don't have coffee tables, it just saves us head stiches and broken bones, and lets the kids dance around when they want to give us a littel concert. :)

Amber said...

I was thinking some type of fabric as well. Ouch on the knee though.