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October 6, 2008

All sugared up!

How we spent our weekend? Saturday, we had two birthday parties to go to, back to back. Yes. And I must say that it was a great excuse to eat cake twice in a row and be proud of it! First we went here to celebrate Alex's little buddy Mason's 2nd birthday, Mason and his family live up the street from us and they are great friends. And as soon as we left there we went here to celebrate Elias's 2nd birthday, Elias is Alex's friend from Church.

The highlights of the day, besides for the cake, where when Alex ran across what we thought was grass and got stuck in the mud at Mason's party and he had an explosion in his pull up at Elias's party, Thank God for pull ups! Yuck! On the way home all of the kids passed out, I carried Alex up to his room and put him in his bed and noticed when I took his sandals off and his feet were hanging out from under the covers that they were disgusting! I kid you not, he had the blackest feet I think I ever saw on that poor kid. Too late now, I saw two hours of peace while he napped no way was I going to wake him to clean off his dirty feet. I'll just change his bedding when he wakes up!

And of course Sunday was Church. Our weekend in a nutshell.


PB&J's Mommy said...

Sounds like fun!! It's the perfect weather for birthdays, I've always wanted an October baby ;)

Laura said...

I am glad I could assist on giving your children sugar high! Thanks for coming to the party.

Tina said...

2 kids parties in one weekend. one a year would be enough for me lol

Rosie : ) said...

The kids seemed to have fun!

The balck feet thing ~ my kids have that probelm too sometimes. I think sand/dirt gets into their shoes and stains their feet? I have found myself washing feet very often in the summertime. I used to put a bowl of warm water outside so they coudl dip their feet and then come into the house once they dried them on the towel. Weird, eh? :)