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October 10, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

This is in response to a question that was asked of me very recently.

I suppose in my small little world that is contained by the four walls of my home, I feel as if I am venturing outside with a little bit of the cyber world. And since the world seems to be enthralled with the lives of those who have a more than average number of children in their home, questions are always asked. Recently I have read a few blogs from other Mom's who blog about their everyday lives with 4 or more children and how they are amused by the questions they are asked also. How it was nothing 30+ years ago for the average family to consist of more than 2 children. Large families used to be the norm. Now you get this look when people find out your pregnant with your third, then your fourth and yes in my case my fifth pregnancy which makes baby number 8 when you add step children into the mix. Twenty years ago, when I was thirteen did I see myself in such a predicament as others would say? No. I wanted two kids. Funny, because that's not what life handed me. That's ok though. I gladly accept the challenge, although there are a few days I feel like pulling my hair out because I get no peace and quiet from the "Mommyyyyy, she touched me!" or the "Stop looking at me." and let's not forget the constant "I'm soooooooo hungry Mom"

So this is why I blog. I like to tell the humerous and funny things that happen during my day, I find that I blog more about Alex my soon to be 3 year old than I do the others. That's because he's with me most of the day. And I'm sure that when the wee little one gets here in March, I'll be boring you with that also. Blogging to me is like keeping a diary, except I'd never tell you my bad little secrets ;) I talk more to children than I do adults. Actually, I'm not really sure I know how to carry on an adult conversation that doesn't consist of words like boo-boo or potty.

And I suppose that I hope some Mother will take pity on me and offer up prayers daily for my sanity. Lord knows sometimes I need it. Ha. Where am I going with this? I really don't know because I was interrupted by my 9 year old and her filthy shirt and I lost my train of thought.

So, hop on board of my crazy Momma train and tell me why you are addicted to blogging!


Marymont Springs said...

I love that you blog because I love reading what you are up to :)

Jodi said...

I love connecting with other mothers.

I never planned to be a mother to a large family either. We had 4 bio children and then decided that was enough. But God said we need three more. :)

Rosie : ) said...

I'm happy you Blog. :) People told me over and over that my life is interesting {it really is not that exciting}, and I should Blog. Since I love writing, I figured I could probaby post something here and there. I guess you can say I fell into it a bit.

jolincountry said...

Blogging is a great way for us moms to communicate with each other and not have a child interrupt. I know I'll start responding to something and have to come back to it later. Where as if I were on the phone, all the other caller would hear is "no, don't do that" or "don't string your sister up like that". lol
Keep Bloggin my friend!

Jen R. said...

I love reading your blog b/c you always have something interesting to say. :) And b/c I admire and respect you for dealing with such a big family. And I wish sometimes that I had the opportunity to do the same.

PB&J's Mommy said...

I blog for various reasons but the most important one for me is to be able to turn my blog into a "family album" blog book at the end of each year. (I use Blurb to do this) I want my kids to have something to look back on when they grow up and remember all the memories we made as a family. I want to grow old and pick up the book and remember the little details that can be easily forgotten. I want to look back and see how the kids have grown over the years. I also like to blog so that family and friends can check in and see what our family has been up to :) And I love reading others blogs for that same reason

C said...

I just read the comment you left me on my blog :) Thank you so much for popping by via Rosie's blog! What a great blog you've got here! I love that you've got a big family! Big families are the best! We're just starting ours (with our first baby due this winter).

I started blogging because I left the "city" and moved to the "country". It was a great way to stay in touch with friends, family, colleagues and students. Along the way, I've "met" some truly wonderful people in the blog world. I'm so glad I started blogging back in 2006.