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November 25, 2008


As most of you know, I'm a huge, huge fan of "Jon & Kate plus 8". I love to watch the show, the kids love to watch it, it's just a great family show that we can relate to. But last night I watched the new episode where they had a yard sale at a local church. All the proceeds raised were going to be donated to pediatric cancer research. That's awesome! Receive and give back, if only the whole world worked this way. But all Kate did was complain the whole time. If I'm not mistaking the tables were donated for their use at the yard sale? I'm sorry if I'm wrong, but she complained about them being nasty, chewed on the end, they were a little late getting there, etc. Kept saying how annoyed she was already with the day. Blah blah blah.

I was fairly disappointed with her attitude. People have reached out to them, helped them, donated things, etc. and all she can do is complain! Here we are struggling to make ends meet, get through the school week with all of my hair still rooted to my head. Overloaded with laundry, can't afford to feed my family healthier wholesome foods because it's just cheaper to buy processed foods that will eventually kill us, ironic I know. And all she did was complain! I say it again.

I just think we should be thankful for everything, whether it be freely given, donated or through our hard earned paychecks. I honestly don't think I can look at her the same anymore.


Jodi said...

I have never liked that show for that very reason. She has a very negative attitude. Do a google search on her and her SIL Jodi and you will be even more disappointed.

I am hoping the "excitement" of her family soon wears off and they stop airing the show.

NONE said...

I've been hearing that same thing about the mom. I think I'd probably be uptight if I were in her position too though :(
I hope she was just having a bad day.

Julie said...

I am sooo with you! Part of the reason I like to watch it is because it makes me feel better about myself!! She is not someone I want to be like and I can feel good about my mistakes when I watch her and her selfish negativity!!
I am sooo with oyu about the whole processed food bit as well - i get so mad everytime I go to the grocery store and come home with more junk but it was cheaper and right now we need cheap!!!

Rosie : ) said...

It's really hard to judge someone based on their tv personality. They do so much editing and cutting, repiecing it the way they want to.

Personaly, I ahve never watched the show, never even heard of them until people kept asking me "Oh, you have 7 kids.. like Jon & Kate?" Who the heck was Jon and Kate?

We don't have cable nor satellitte, and only really turn on the tv for the newscasts (without the kids around) or when the kids want to watch their dvds.