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February 16, 2009

Manic Monday...

So today's a holiday and the kids are out of school, Amber slept over with a friend from church. Alex is bundled up on the couch watching "Thomas and Gerald" otherwise known as Tom and Jerry cartoons. Bethany is holed up in her room doing goodness knows what. Matt is still asleep and Dear Hubby is at work. Doesn't sound too bad for a Monday with kids home does it? Well it is!

I look around at my house and wonder how and why it gets so messy just from day to day living. Almost four more weeks and Lexi will be here and I still have tons to do. I do not feel organized, my house doesn't feel clean enough for a little one to make their entrance and I'm tired of being sick. I have been battling this head cold/sinus allergy thing for almost two weeks now.

So maybe I should just change this title to.... Calgon, take me away!

And for those of you who know Leslee from Phillips 101 please keep her in your prayers, she stayed overnight in the hospital because she had become dehydrated. She's 9 weeks pregnant I think, and has had terrible morning sickness that lasts all day and night. She's not able to keep anything down and all she can do is lay on the couch.