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February 23, 2009

Manic Monday...

How we spent our weekend? Painting downstairs.

Actually all I did was watched. So I suppose there was really no "we" to it. I did coordinate where I wanted to hang everything back up. But there is still stuff to do, it's like moving. By the time we hide all the wires from the tv, finish hanging pictures up and putting back odds n ends.

My next project? I am planning on making curtains for the front window. I found the neatest fabric at Hancocks over the weekend, it's thick and won't let alot of light through when we are watching tv. I personally do not like sitting in the dark, it's depressing but my dear hubby is a fan of dark rooms and tv.


Danie Nicole said...

the dark actually frightens me a bit. i even sleep with a little lamp on but my hubby loves sitting in the dark! its weird.