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March 26, 2009

So Blessed...

I have been so blessed this week to have such wonderful friends and neighbors who have all helped me out while Scott has been out of town. My neighbors have taken Alex off my hands for a few hours and some brought food too.

Last week my Mom came up and helped with the kids and took two home with her this week during their spring break.

Thank you to all who have helped out.


julie said...

Lexi is beautiful. Congratulations!


Rosie : ) said...

Huge Huge congrats! She looks absolutely grogeous, as do you! :)

It is wonderful that your family is helping you out so much. This is the time to accept the help, right? ;)

When people ask me how we do it with 7 kids, I always tell them it's the friends, neighbours and family that make it much easier on us. Thye are truly a godsend in our lives! I hope you keep feeling better, and remember ~ they grow up too fast ! (doesnt Alex look so huge compared to her? lol)