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April 14, 2009

Family Time...

I really enjoyed going to my Mom's on Easter weekend. I was actually homesick. We've lived here in Tennessee for three years and this is the first time that I have experienced the actual homesickness. I just wanted my Mommy...boohoo. It was really good for me though. I was still dealing with the tail end of the Mommy blues and it was refreshing to do something different. I'm so much better than I was the first week I came home from the hospital. Now I don't cry about everything, just little things and that happens mostly when I'm exhausted. So I'm getting there. I have so much compassion for those other Mom's who experience post partum and have it worst than me. And anyone who loosely condemns women and post partum should be ashamed of themselves. It is real, it's a horrible feeling and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. So enough about that, here's some Easter pics and other random photos from our weekend.

Alex on Easter morning checking out his basket, he got jipped, the Easter Bunny only left one piece of candy and the rest were toys. Thanks Easter Bunny for that!

Matt got the sniffles while we were there so here's his "I'm pitiful" expression

My niece Kayla getting some Lexi time in. Poor Nina (my other niece) had her wisdom teeth cut out , I decided not to post her pictures, lol! She looked, well, ummm, drugged, haha!

Bethany striking a pose?

This was the first year Alex has gotten to hunt eggs, every Easter he has been sick with asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or something so he was excited. He refused to pick up any eggs that had dirt on them.

Joshua, Alex & Beth checking out the eggs hidden in the bushes.

All of the kids dying eggs, too cute! Matt, Joshua, Jamie, Amber, Beth & Alex. Oh and Tammy too!
Last but not least my Ma-Maw holding Lexi. Lexi is the fourth generation. Wow, Lexi looks like a little porker in this picture.

And I might add that Matt, Amber & Bethany's Daddy actually called and wanted to take them to lunch while we were visiting. And much to my surprise he showed up on Saturday, 40 minutes late, but he still showed up. Matt was telling me on the way home that it was nice seeing him but it felt really awkward because he hadn't saw him in such a long time. He said that it didn't even feel like he was his Dad anymore. That broke my heart, maybe because I'm still hormonal, but kids need both parents.


The Todd's said...

So glad you guys had a great trip! And you were away from the tornado!

Jodi said...

Awwwww! I love all the pictures. And I am so glad you got some mommy-time and your kids got some daddy-time.

It was always awkward when I went to see my dad too when my parents divorced. Once a year just made it seem like we were visitors, not his kids.

Joy said...

Looks like you guys all had a good time.

I understand the baby blues I remember when I came home with #1 I just started freaking out and crying for no real reason and my hubs thought I had lost my mind. #2 was a bit better til my milk was having issues and I had to give her a bottle of formula when she was a couple weeks old I cried so hard, it sounds so silly now but then I was just a bad mom, fortunatly the boobas figured it out and I felt better.