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August 23, 2009

Playing In The Mud...

You'd think from the title of this post that I'd be talking about my kids. Nope. I'm talking about my big kid Scott and all his toys. He now has a dirt bike to add to his crotch bike. Or whatever it's called.

This past weekend was just beautiful here in Tennessee, so Scott and his friend took advantage of it by going dirt bike riding in the woods.

Alex is hoping to get one soon.


Danie Nicole said...

pretty sure its a crotch rocket.

PB&J's Mommy said...

Alex will get plenty of practice on his powerwheels!

Joy said...

Boys and their toys they never grow up do they??

Angie said...

To help you along your blogging path.. I wanted you to know that there are some out there who appreciate your words and thoughts.
For that I have given you a blog award. So hop on over to my blog to claim it.

Your Sister in Christ