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January 30, 2010



Someone please tell me why you would apply a sticker that doesn't peel away so easy?

After a very lengthy discussion at Wal-Mart this morning with my husband, we decided to buy a stock pot so dinner time meals would be easier, less pots to clean and more left overs, right? Well this was the idea. It's 20 degrees outside in the AM. Getting to Wal-Mart this morning was a small task with the snow and ice on the ground... but hey no biggie, we have two four wheel drive trucks with one having the capacity to smash anything that gets in it's way. "Oh, here's a great deal" I tell my hubby. $34.97 for a 12 QT Paula Dean stock pot that is ceramic on enamel and it's pretty. We buy it, take it home, pull it out to get ready to throw some chicken in it for our dinner which by the way is supposed to be chicken and dumplings and here's what we got...
I was so peeved! Now my simple meal has turned into a chore! So I called my Mother to complain and run my big mouth about the whole ordeal. She informs me that she bought some Paula Dean cookware from QVC only to have it recalled in which they (QVC) refunded her money but told her it was up to her to do whatever she wantes with the cookware.


Looks like those made in "India" crap isn't worth the money the company saves from not having it made in the USA....

If I were Paula Dean, I'd rethink having my name labeled to "useless" and "frustrating" cookware.


The Foley's said...

Hummm ... did you try that Goo-Be-Gone stuff? Or Goo-off ... heck I can't remember what it's called exactly but it works wonders and it's called Goo something!