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June 17, 2010

Hard At Work

Goodness, little did I know when I set out on this journey to create a photo gallery of our family tree that it would be so hard and time consuming.  In my search, I've nagged relatives for information and pictures, signed up with ancestry.com and lastly, had to buy the family tree charts and .psd/.png templates.  Good thing I had been teaching myself photoshop.  I know enough now of photoshop to get through and create something, but there's so much more to learn.

I am a stickler for wanting the correct information, that's why it's taken so long, but here's my first 12x12 digital scrapbook page for my family heritage album and the picture for my family tree wall.

My Mom

If your looking for some great digital scrapbook kits for your family tree or heritage book check out the great stuff at Heritage Scrap.  Their prices are reasonable and customer service is superb!  Did they pay me to say that?  No, LOL, I was just sharing the link to their website because I could not find the family tree designs that I wanted.

And the fonts, I didn't like the basic ones that I had so I searched the web for free font downloads.  Can't remember exactly where I found this one, but there's tons of free stuff out there.


Judith Richards Shubert said...

I absolutely love your family tree page! You've done a great job with it. I love to do digital scrapbooking, as well. Just don't have enough time to do all I want to. Want to say thank you for your long email about our common Brock family line. I'm going to write you back with my information soon. My Charter email service is acting up, so may not get back to it this week. Hope to, though!