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August 30, 2008

Remember the Seat Belt Protector Lock?

Well, it doesn't work. The first day I put it on, Alex pulled it off and got out of the carseat and crawled all over the truck before I could find a place to pull over. Yep. Childproof really isn't childproof.

But I would recommend it if you were always accidentally unbuckling an infant car seat base. It would be perfect for something like that but is definately not intended for use with toddlers who are related to houdini.

Seat Belt Protector Lock Post


PB&J's Mommy said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the little stinker got out again! Surely there has got to be something that is for real "child-proof"!

Rachel said...

LOL!! Crazy kid. HEY...so seriously I am selling one of our car seats if you are interested in buying it...it will last the kid til he's 6 then you can pop him back over in the seat you just got him ;) I was getting it ready to put on craigslist today.

Rosie : ) said...

Lol! He reminds me of our first child, who somehow could get out of the tight seatbelt in her high chair. We called her Mini Houdini all the time.

I guess the stern talk would be the only thing left at this point? :)