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September 15, 2008

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

I decided to stay at my Mom's for an extra day. Most of the gas stations were out of gas and the ones that did have gas were limiting how much you could get. So I didn't want to chance getting stranded on the interstate with 4 kids and a belly. Gotta get my pictures uploaded from the family reunion but in the meantime here's one for the books. It's Uncle Jim Bob Jolie.

Ha ha, just kidding. Thank goodness nobody in my family looks or acts like these people!


PB&J's Mommy said...

Awe, such a great pic of Uncle Jim Bob! I can see the family resemblance! hahaha Can't wait to see the real pics!

Octamom said...

...I think you might have erred on the caption...that's my Uncle Leroy--whom we call Skeeter...


The Todd's said...

Haha! I got a little worried when I saw that picture. Hope you have fun!

I tagged ya! ; )

Ang said...

LOL I think I might be related to him though HA HA

Tina said...

woow! he looks kinda scary lol

look frwrd to seeing the reunion pics