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September 9, 2008

Sharing compassion and love

I ran across a blog today, I don't know why I've never saw it before, but it's a Mother of 8 who blogs passionately and beautifully about her everyday life and that of her children. One of her posts about her children brought me to tears. If you've got time, I encourage you to read the heartfelt cry of a Mother who loves her child to the utmost.


Those of us, Moms, who have children with disabilities, physical or mental, know and understand how she feels. I just feel so much compassion for her. My heart is overwhelmed with love for someone I don't even know. My prayer for her and her family is that they will always follow Christ and look to him for everything and in all they do. That GOD would bless their coming and their going, their lying down and their getting up. That his hand of favor would rest with all of her children. And most of all, I pray for peace, unity and love in their home.


Octamom said...

Okay, Kleenex warnings! Thank you so much for such a beautiful post--it thrills me to know that there are other sisters out there who understand the privilege and honor of navigating these amazing kids into the course the Lord has for them. I am so touched...

there just aren't words..

Blessings, blessings~