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October 17, 2008

Mothering 101

When faced with a crisis of a {dirty} child's face, we Mom's, are prepared for anything. We are resourceful, worthy of respect and we demand attention for it.

I mean come on, who else would brag about wiping their child's snotty nose on the bottom side of our shirts. Look how pretty they are now. Or telling your children "It's not nice to pick your nose" yet we're constantly running our fingers up their little noses to grab those little nuggets of gold. These little gestures of love give only a little insight into what you are subjected to as a Mom.

Let's not forget that Mom's spit works better than fantastik, 409, acid or bleach. It's not exactly sanitary but it will spit shine anything.

When we were running an errand one day I hop out of the truck and go around to get Alex out of the back seat only to notice he has food or something around his mouth. Yes I did, before you even ask. I licked my finger and tried to wipe his mouth clean. Only to be stopped by my toddler who was yelling "No Mom!" "I want no slobber on my face that nasty!"

Atleast I taught him to have some kind of personal hygiene.


jolincountry said...

LOL I can totally see you mothering Alex like a momma cat. Licking him clean.. lol

Rosie : ) said...


My kids are so bad that when I kiss their cheek, they wipe it, telling me : "I don't want your slobber on me." As if I am drooling everywhere! lol! Silly kids.