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November 30, 2008

Lazy Turkey Days...

So we had a very busy Thanksgiving, hope everyone else did also.  I'm sure I have surpassed my normal weight gain for this month.  Thanks to my friend Leslee who fed me a delicious cheesecake that was a whopping 510 calories per slice, I almost croaked when I looked at the box, but I had a few bites left, why stop now.  BTW, I never eat anything with that many calories in one serving.  It was definitely delicious.  But just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want.  So don't be shaking your finger at me!

Then we had family portaits done by {Erica}, can't wait to see those, I know they turned out awesome.  Got a few belly shots in there too.  This will be the first one where all 7 kids, 8 counting Lexi in my belly, where all present.  So it will be nice.  I'm sure the Grandparents are going to love them!

We've decorated a little over the weekend and we've decided to do a real tree this year.  And I am going to make new stocking for all of the kids this year, so I'm sure this will be very time consuming.  We all have corny mismatched stockings, except for my kids, my aunts crocheted matching stockings for them when they were born.  But nothing matches and it's really tacky.  I've found this dandy little template for elf boot stockings that aren't that hard to make 2-3 hrs each.  I'll be sure to post some pictures after I make them.

We also spent hours at the kitchen table on Saturday making ornament crafts.  Now I remember why I don't like doing craft with kids.  I just don't have the patience and it's so messy!

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Jodi said...

We still haven't done our Christmas pictures. I am dragging my feet. :)

A slice of sinful cheesecake isn't bad once in a while.

I want to do ornaments with my kids but I need to find less messy options. I am going to check out Oriental Trading for ideas.

PB&J's Mommy said...

Oh how I feel the pressure now! LOL

The Todd's said...

Yummm cheesecake sure does sound good right now! lol I bet your belly pics will be adorable!

Rosie : ) said...

Ugh, I hate doign crafts with the kids too. But it's not just the mess. It's the baby trying to eat it all, the boys throwing everythign at the girls, one kid breaking free with glitter glus and "decorating" the kitchen with it... Too much trouble! They get to make really nice crafts at school, so I hang all those up aroudn the house as we get them. :)

julie said...

We love to do crafts, however, I do hate the mess. Now I am craving some cheescake!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was crafty enough to make stockings.