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January 31, 2009

Oh where is my hairbrush?

LOL, so I like veggie tales sue me! Where have I been lately? Nesting! I've got the bug and I've been on a super sweep through my house. All I can say is "It's about time!" For 8 months I have been exhausted and not wanting to do anything. Could explain my weight loss, I've been up and moving around instead of passed out on the couch.

I've been gathering baby items and it looks like Babies R Us puked in my bedroom. We need a bigger house but can't afford anything bigger than what we have. So my wee one will be rooming in with me, for awhile atleast. Then after that, I'll figure it out.

But I've purchased a few large items from a few friends so I think I'm covered on my basics for now. A playpen/bassinet & swing from one friend, a super cool bouncy seat from another. An almost brand new carseat/stroller combo. And it all was dirt cheap which is even better. My other options were to borrow some things from a friend but I decided that I would worry too much about the wear and tear on their items since they are planning on more kids.

So that's what's going on in our home lately... sorry I've been out of touch with my blogging, just taking advantage of the energy splurge here. Now, if I can just get my hospital bag packed! Hmm..


Fly Girl said...

Mine wasn't packed - completely - when I had my daughter. I was running around the house (rather leaky I confess) gathering a few final items!

Rosie : ) said...

So exciting to hear how well you are doing! :)

PB&J's Mommy said...

Doesn't having everything all ready make you anxious for Lexi to make her arrival!?!?! Just a few more weeks, how exciting!!