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February 2, 2009

My New Toy...

Taxes came in this past week so I have been able to get things that we've needed and things for Lexi. But for once, I bought myself a toy. I never do this. I always make sure everybody else's needs and wants are met before mine and usually there isn't any leftover for me. But here it is...It's an embroider/sewing machine and I have been having a blast making things for Lexi. It's been ages since I've sewn so I have just taken my time re-learning the basics. But here is the first project that I have tackled. I have admired these little handmade things on etsy since I found out I was pregnant but I thought they were too costly to buy for myself, silly because as a gift for someone else I would purchase them.

My first burp cloth...

Ofcourse at this angle you cannot tell that her name is crooked, but I didn't realize that it wasn't straight. Hey, nobody said I was Martha Stewart, LOL!
There are so many more things in the works that I am making. And when I am comfortable with my work I am opening an etsy shop to sell my goody's.


jolincountry said...

That is awesome! Good for you for doing something for yourself!
I love the burp pad! Good job!!
How exciting to not only want to learn a new skill but to want to put it on etsy and sell it! I'm excited for you!

Laura said...

Very cute! I would LOVE to have a machine like that! Does pregnancy bring out the artsy/creative side in you? When I was pregnant with Elias I was constantly itching to create or make something. I hope I catch that bug this time around.

PB&J's Mommy said...

How adorable! When Parker was little I bought him quite a few burp cloths similar to this :) I'm so happy that you've found your creative niche! Minky and chenille fabric makes for the best burp cloths, they are oh so soft on babys face ;)