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January 14, 2009

Window Shopping...

as my special day is fastly approaching I have realized that I haven't really bought anything for little Lexi. So in my frantic internet searches I have been drooling over these online items. However, I do find some of them costly and I am trying to find something similiar or the exact thing locally for much less.

My favorite diaper bag so far! Wouldn't Lexi's name be so cute on the front? This jewel I found at Lovely Stiches.

I found these cute little burp cloths at The Baby Habit so for those moments when we're amongst other little ones, who could get yours mixed up, right?

I found this nifty little nursing cover online at SweetPeaBabyDesigns.com I went on a mad search after I saw another nursing Mom at the mall soft play area using it. I remember trying to nurse Alex in public and my blanket would always fall off my shoulder and I would be exposed.


jolincountry said...

All of them are adorable. I would definitely splurge for the diaper bag and shoulder blanket.
I know how expensive that stuff can be. I hope you can find what you are looking for locally.

Rosie : ) said...

Very nice. :)

Have you ever considered looking at Etsy.com? All of the products are hand-made, so they might not be as expensive. Some of those are made by moms liek us. I know their products are nice, and since you like in the US, the hsipping would probably be cheap enough. :)

The Todd's said...

those are all super cute! Don't buy too much, you do have a baby shower to look forward to ;)

PB&J's Mommy said...

Those are all super cute!!! Little girls are so much fun to shop for :)

julie said...

Love the nursing cover up. What a fantastic invention!!

Julie said...

i want to second the etsy suggestion. i have found some super cute things and the prices are probably better!
have fun shopping! i miss the getting ready for the new little one - it is always so much fun to get new baby stuff!