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February 18, 2009

I have sinned...

Yes, those of you who think I can do no wrong, I can and I did. LOL! I know, I'm lying to myself right? But I have a confession to make. I had fried chicken for dinner last night, and even worst, it was fast food fried chicken. I have not had any kind of fried chicken in three years. Yes three long years. This pregnancy is really messing with my brain and self control. If I do not give birth in less than four weeks I will gain too much I'm afraid. I've done really well and tried very hard to stay within that normal weight gain, but here at the end, it's getting really hard because I do not feel like cooking healthy foods for us. So it's always just easier to grab fast food or just throw something quick together that is loaded with sodium and calories. Blah.

So Lexi, I hope you enjoyed that delicious, yummy fried chicken, because that's the last you'll ever get at my house, haha!


jolincountry said...

Now, not having fried chicken is very anti-southern of you.. LOL

Hold on. You don't have much longer now.

...chicken sounds so yummy right now!

Laura said...

At least you made it this far with your self control. I am only on week 7 and find myself constantly hungry! I also vowed to NOT gain +40 pounds this time, but I'm afraid I am already on the wrong track.