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February 26, 2009

Just so you all know...

I'm still pregnant. Blah.


Danie Nicole said...

well don't we sound excited?!? lol.

Jodi said...

He he he! I so remember those days.

When Megan was a week late I swear everyone called in that week to see if we had the baby yet.

Hang in there.

jolincountry said...

Well, that would explain why you still looked pregnant last night.. LOL

Both of my first daughters were overdue. JoAnn was 5 days late and Sabrina was 3 days overdue. I tease them all the time, that just because they were a baby, that was no excuse not to head the eviction notice! LOL

les_mason_curt said...

Haha, I am surprised my child did not make you go into labor yesterday! LOL! I will pray for your comfort and your teenage children to be like little angels!