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February 26, 2009

Mom, I hate that girl...

Ok, so before you all freak out, just hang on a minute. Let me tell you the story behind this post.

This is Alyssa, I believe she was 4 or 5 yrs old when this picture was taken. It was before I came into the picture. Cute as a button isn't she? Anyway, I don't have alot of pictures of Megan & Alyssa or Allen when they were smaller but the ones I have are either in picture albums or in a frame somewhere. Well this picture in particular is in a large frame that is made up like a collage. It's been that way for two years now I guess. So I took it down to redo some of the pictures and Alex was looking at all the pictures. He went through them doing his usual calling off everybody's names and he gets to this one. And here's how it went:

Alex: "That's Daddy and that's.... hey.... Mom, I hate that girl."

Me: "What? Alex what are you talking about?" So I walk over to see what he's talking about and see him pointing at this picture. I tell him "Alex, hate is an ugly word and we don't say it, especially about other people."

Alex: "But Mom, I hate that girl."

Me: Stunned because he loves his sister Alyssa and is absolutely crazy about her. So I asked him "Alex why are you saying that, do you know who that little girl is?"

Alex: "No, I hate that girl, that's my Daddy."

Me: A light shines on my dull little peanut brain, ok, he doesn't recognize that it's Alyssa. And he just sees his Daddy holding another little girl and to him that's his territory. "Alex, that's Alyssa when she was a little girl."

Alex: He started giggling, "I just kiddin Mom, I like Alyssa"

Do you see how he tried to smooth it over? Pretty bright little kiddo there! The little booger didn't realize that was his sister, so funny!


Danie Nicole said...

that sounds just like him! thats funny.

The Todd's said...

He is too funny!