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February 10, 2009

Singing the sickness blues...

MIA, that's where I have been! I have a horrible sinus infection and I feel as horrible as I'm sure I look. This past weekend I took off to my Mom's house for the weekend and was miserably sick the whole time. I do not like taking medication while I'm pregnant and was basically forced to just to be able to function. The weather was a warm 70 at her house, a nice change from the cold here. I actually took my shoes off and my feet didn't freeze. Ahhh.

While there I had a (mini) baby shower which consisted of a few aunts, my Grandma, Mom and two of my sister-in-laws. It was fun, actually I laughed my butt off the whole time. My family is very competetive so we ofcourse played the name game. We weren't allowed to say "baby" or "Lexi" and even the guy's got involved. It was sooooo funny! We had all bet that my Aunt Pam would win but my Sis-n-law Joan snuck up on her so quickly and had everybody's necklaces in one quick swoop. I'm still chuckling at the competition over a plastic pink diaper pin that everyone was so willing to get.

So I'll have to post about some of the things that I got and put up some pics.