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March 11, 2009

My Poor Little Buddy...

*UPDATE* Below I posted that he was fine and did not need an antibiotic at the moment, I got a call back from the Pediatrician and after re-examing his chest x-ray they decided that he was starting to get pneumonia in his lower left lung. So he does get an antibiotic. Just glad it's caught before the baby arrives! Less stress for me next week.

Sick again. I'm telling ya! Alex had sniffles on Tuesday, no big deal, then yesterday a cough and today a horrible cough that kept him awake all night, and me too ofcourse. So knowing that Lexi is coming next week I thought I'd go ahead and make him an appointment since his colds and asthma always leads to one of two things, bronchitis or pneumonia. Which, thank God, he has neither, yet atleast. We did the usual x-ray and breathing treatments in the office and there is no infection in his lungs but it's headed that way our wonderful Pediatrician said. So we're just going to do our usual medicines and watch him closely and let his body fight it off on it's on. I love that she does that! Seriously. I really hate paying a co-pay and they don't do anything for them, but I also love the fact that she's not throwing the kids on antibiotics everytime we come in. But they do want to refer us to Vanderbilt for a sweat test? It's to check for cystic fibrosis, which I am confident enough to say that I'm not worried about it. So not really a biggie other than having to drive there, all the way on the otherside of Nashville. Which I haven't ventured out to yet. But I haven't saw any traffic here yet that can touch Atlanta traffic. So it shouldn't be a big deal.

Oh, and I'm still pregnant, LOL! I don't know if you gathered that from this post yet.


PB&J's Mommy said...

I'm sorry to hear about poor Alex! I'm so glad you decided to take him in before things got worse. This wya you don't hae to worry about him being sick when Lexi arrives. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!!