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April 29, 2009


...I can list reason *cough cough* I mean excuses as to why my house is never clean anymore.

  1. I just had a baby .
  2. I have to nurse the baby.
  3. I have to change diapers.
  4. There's laundry to be done but no time to put it away.
  5. There's dishes in the sink because we ran out of paper plates.
  6. I had to take Alex outside to play before he drove me nuts.
  7. I just had a baby.
  8. I had to sew for someone.
  9. I just had a baby.
  10. Alex just made a mess.
  11. Had to clean a spot on the carpet where Lexi just puked up hard earned breast milk.
  12. Had to give Alex all of his meds.
  13. I just had a baby.
  14. Alex keeps escaping out the locked doors, had to retrieve him more times than I can count.
  15. Had to bathe Alex & Lexi.
  16. Had to help Bethany with homework.
  17. Had to cook dinner.
  18. Had to listen to Amber whine about her teenagery day at school.
  19. I just had a baby.


Jodi said...

My house was always my last priority after a baby.

In just a few weeks the baby will start sleeping in longer stretches and then the cleaning will resume. :)

PB&J's Mommy said...

There is NO such thing as a perfectly clean house when you have a newborn (and a toddler, and all of the other kids in the house!) It's all about survival mode right now ;)

Joy said...

I didn't just have a baby but atleast one is here enough that I can blame it on her;)

oh yea and those two other crazies running around all day dropping crumbs and such

The Todd's said...

Hey, just having a baby is a great excuse! I'm just sad I can't really use it anymore...

Rosie : ) said...

You forgot the msot important part

20. You had a baby... and 7 other children!