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May 26, 2009

I'm Sorry...

I owe Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8 a huge apology... in my pregnant hormonal rants about this and that I lashed out at her behavior and such. But in the recent months as her life and marriage is unfolding I have given new thought to Kate Gosselin.

Who am I to judge her for her actions? I too have days where I say hateful things to other people or I don't carry myself in ways that are appealing to others around me. Her personality makes her who she is and she probably wouldn't be the Mom she is if it weren't for that. I mean, it takes a strong woman first of all to deal with 8 children, six being all the same age.

After watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 Monday night my heart just broke for the whole family. I don't think it's a plot for the show. Instead of throwing stones we should be praying for their family and their marriage. We all do stupid stuff, most of which no one knows of but their whole life is plastered across the headlines. Maybe everyone should just back off and let them be. Even if she drove Jon away, he still made the decision he made to cheat (if he really did). There is no excuse. We all make our own choices.

Having said that, am I an avid fan of the show anymore? No. But I am a sympathetic Mom and wife who watched a broke hearted woman who is concerned about her family lay it out there.


Danie Nicole said...

it just frustrates me that the public is saying that they made their life our business by doing this show. they did this show to document their kids' lives. not to have the intimate business of their marriage scrutinized. having the press air their dirty laundry will only hurt the kids. some parts of a couple's marriage should stay between just them.
okay so with my venting done, i love your post!

Jodi said...

I haven't been able to watch that show for most of its time on air. I couldn't stand to see the way she talked to her husband.

But he did choose to stay and take what she was dishing out. And I agree it is not our job to judge. I hope they can work it out and come out of this a stronger couple.