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May 28, 2009

Ruling The Roost...

Lately Alex & Lexi have ruled our household.  Lexi cries, Mommy comes running with her boob out.  Alex screams and we give in.  Ugghhh.... it's a vicous cycle that I'm sure Super Nanny would love to tackle.

Alex's health hasn't been the greatest lately, so to pacify him I give in and I make the kids give in also.  Screaming produces tears, tears produce snot, snot produces phlegm that runs down his throat into his lungs and then the asthma starts.

Lexi is refusing to take a bottle, she only wants to nurse.  This is all fine and dandy, but in a few weeks I'm having surgery and she won't be able to nurse 24 hours and what is she going to do then?  What to do?  I've tried different nipples, different temperatures, pumping, etc.  She wants nothing to do with it.  I've only successfully fed her a bottle twice.  The rest of the time she screams bloody murder!  Unnerving!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  And yes, I am pro-breastfeeding so don't beat me up about the formula, she's only had maybe 6 ounces since she was born.


Joy said...

Definitely offer her the booby milk in a bottle the formula tastes different and she may not like it.

Make your hubs feed her she will smell you and only want the boob

We had issues with Lillie when I started first keeping her it was hell, but persistance is the key. Just try a couple times every day, and don't do it when she is already fussy for it, try to catch her before she gets hungry she may be more persuadable.

Bottle wise I used Avent and Soothies bottles. The little girl I watch drinks from Dr Brown. Have you tried a different flow nipple?

Jodi said...

I have only done this twice with the girls I babysat for. Their mom couldn't get them to take a bottle so she brought them over to me after fully traumatizing them. They both screamed at even the sight of the bottle. I would just rock them as I walked and then offer them the bottle. With both of them I waited until they stopped screaming a bit and then put the bottle in their mouth and gently squeezed the liner (she had the ones with the plastic liner) so that a small amount of milk squirted into their mouth. (Also make sure the milk is body temperature warm). After a couple of tries at it this way both calmed down enough to grudgingly drink some of the bottle. Neither of them ever really liked their bottle but after her bringing them to me for a couple of afternoons they took the bottle just fine. We did have to make sure it was the fast flowing nipples though otherwise they got frustrated.

I hope things get better for you soon.