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May 14, 2009

Love Me Some Free Stuff...

To my complete surprise I received a pack of diapers in the mail a few days ago. I thought at first they came straight from Huggies because I'm signed up with them to receive coupons, but this came from cafe Mom. I was selected to sample the diapers and take a survey. Pretty cool. They are great diapers! Never know anything different and the plus is they are all natural. Today I bought a pack at Wal-mart, they were clearanced to $7, I had a $3 coupon so I only paid $4! Told you I could make a penny scream. LOL!
If you check out the Huggies website, link included below, you can receive a free sample in the mail.


Joy said...

Cafemom is the best aren't they.

They gave me a $50 gift card back in December just to use Betty Crocker cake mix and use one of their themes for a bday party! it was awesome and more than enough to buy all the stuff for Abby's party since I got her "Winter" theme supplies on clearance after Xmas:)

I agreed to brag about how great their cake was and how their website helped me plan her party.

Jodi said...

I just got a bunch of huggies coupons in the mail (for those diapers too).

If you want them email me your address and I will be happy to send them to you. I don't have anyone who needs diapers anymore. (toogirls2000@yahoo.com)