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November 5, 2009

Moving On...

We have outgrown our home and constantly find ourselves tripping over each other. Downstairs I am always moving baby stuff from one side of the room to the other because there's nowhere to put anything. I feel cluttered. I feel like I live in a daycare when I look around my living room. So I'm happy to say that we're moving. I also say this with mixed feelings.

The home we're moving to is also our very good friend's home. They are moving away for job reasons. I am sad about their moving away but I am also happy for a change of scenery. As a Mom you know how hard it is to find and make other Mommy friends. You get so caught up in your own life and get busy playing house that you don't even notice that time has flown by and you haven't had a girls night out or spoke to your girlfriend in days. Alex will miss his little dirt bike, bicycle riding, mud playing, car noise making friend. So we are all losing our friends and neighbors. And if you know Scott... you know he will miss his friend. Good friends are just hard to come by.

But!!!! It's just an excuse now to have more playdate get togethers with our long distant friends!


Joy said...

you aren't leaving the Boro are you??

We still haven't had that playdate!