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November 1, 2009

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet...

... Gimme ME Something Good To Eat!

So okay, I know that I'm slow posting.... so here's an extra long post from a week's worth of activites. Then you'll be tired of me. LOL!

On Thursday Alex's school had their Halloween festivities. I volunteered to hand out candy to the kids trick-or-treating in the hallway, but somehow got stuck on the games. But all is good, I got to see Alex in action!

Alex and his cute little classmates.... and his purrrfect Teacher. Oh BTW, Alex is the UPS guy in the front without the white undershirt.
All the pictures I have of Alex are blurred because he was zooming from one game to the other.Lexi the trooper as always....I'm down to three trick-or-treaters now. Matt was at Church performing in our yearly Halloween play "The Judgement". This year Matt played a demon. Amber spent the night with a friend from school. So that just leaves Bethany, Alex and Lexi.

Beth was my little 50's girl. Cute as a button! Alex is the infamous UPS man. I wouldn't let him deliver my packages, he'd open it first and try it out. And then we have Lexi the LadyBug.We tried for a pumpkin picture but Lexi was more interested in smacking the table.
All bundled up and ready to go! Earlier that day Alex and Lexi were playing together and I noticed the pumpkin on Lexi's head. Alex thought it was funny that she could balance it. Too cute! I had to get a picture.

Is it sliding? Nope! But as I got closer I noticed she had spit up all over her mouth. I didn't want to chance not getting a picture by wiping it off.


Tina said...

ah the little one looks so sweet and interested bless her.

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