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December 14, 2009

Child Proofing...

... I have always said I would never remove objects from my children's way and that they would have to LEARN that they can't touch things. Matt, Amber, Bethany and Alex were a breeze when it came to teaching them, unless we visited other peoples homes or are at Wal-mart. But with Lexi, excuse my southern vocabulary, THAT JUST AINT GONNA HAPPEN! I have now began removing night lights from the plugs, knick knacks, tables, etc. Yes, she MUST touch everything. Even the door stops that look like springs. She has managed to either unscrew them or take the white cap off and put them in her mouth.

She already takes after her Daddy... stubborn and strong-willed.


jolincountry said...

ohhh ohhhh I have a strong willed one also.
I did the same thing with my older girls. But the time my younger ones came, it was just so much easier to move things than to continue telling them no.

Laura said...

Elias was the exact same way! I almost had a heart attack when I found him with the springy thing cap in his mouth!