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February 4, 2010

{Mean Girls}

Amber's had her first taste of the well known GIRL DRAMA that has so lovingly been passed down from generations upon generations.

I'm just now posting this because I didn't know how Amber would feel about my telling the web world of her teenage angst and pains. But I told her that she should feel blessed to have such a cool and understanding Mom. Most Mom's would have freaked and started wreaking havoc in their daughters lives, but no, not me. You will understand after you read about the following phone conversation...

*Cell Phone Rings*
Unidentified caller "Is this Amber B****'s Mom?"
Me "yes"
Unidentified caller "I'm calling from the clinic and like your daughter Amber like came into our office like just last week and like needed to take a pregnancy test and like I'm calling you with like the results of her like pregnancy test."
Me "your from like the clinic?"
Unidentified caller "yes maam"
Me "So like Amber needed a pregnancy test? Like that's so cool. And you know what's even better? That your like one of Amber's like so called friends from school, like aren't you?"
Unidentified caller "yes maam"
Me "Would you like want to know what like gave you away that your not like a grown up? STOP SAYING LIKE!!!!!"
Unidentified caller "yes maam"

I then proceeded to tell Amber about the conversation and she's cracking up and I'm cracking up.

Come on teenage girls! Bring it on! This Momma aint no dummy! Been there done that got my tee shirt and went home!


Danie Nicole said...

nice. thats "like" all i can say lol.

Jodi said...

That is too funny!

Good for you for catching on, although it didn't sound like it was a tough call. :D (pun intended)

Joy said...

you go mama. way to take that teeny girl down.

I have to give it to you though on being so calm. I may have lost it on her. I DREAD this will you come handle it for me? girls are mean!