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February 5, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane...

Thinking about Lexi turning one in two months made me emotional... I started sifting through our photos and it brought back so many memories for me, especially when the older kids were little. When you have different age groups growing up together you tend to forget the cute little things that the older ones did, or that could just be because I have too many kids.

I ran across this cute Easter picture of Matt & Amber. Adorable! Matt was 4 and Amber was 2.

Matt's first birthday... I still think he was way too gorgeous to have been a boy.

Alex's first Santa picture... he doesn't look too happy about it.

I didn't meet these sweet kids until Alyssa was 5 and Megan was 7 and Allen 14. This is Megan's 4th birthday. Look how much everyone has grown!
Daddy and his sweet girls.
Our first Christmas as a family... can't believed I paid $5 for this stinky picture of a bored Santa. This was in 2004. Amber is 9 here, Megan 7, Bethany 6 and Alyssa 5.

Bethany with a much smilier (if that's even a word) Santa. Beth was 8.
Then I ran across this one, Megan and Alyssa. I'm not sure how old they were here, the imprint on the back says 2000. I look at Alyssa and I think about the resemblence of her and Alex.

Our first vacation with Alex and Lexi... she hardly had any hair!

Me and my hunk! 2004

When I married the love of my life... November 2004
Matt 11, Amber 9 and Beth 5. A little getaway with my kids that I drug Scott along. Close to when we first met.
Alex's 2nd birthday.

Alex 20 months.


Anonymous said...

GREAT photos! I cannot believe your baby is nearly one!