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February 19, 2010

My First Decopauge

I have been looking for ways to decorate on a budget and I have tons of old picture frames and stuff that's just really outdated and doesn't go with our decor now. After hours and hours of online searches for re-furbishing your household items I learned of the beautiful art of decoupage and canvases.

My inspiration... birds. Yes, birds. I used to hate birds as decor, reminded me of an old persons home. Sorry. But lately I have saw Lot's of really cute and neat items with birds on them. I am not a scrapper but fell in

with this paper from Michael's.

And here's what I did with it...

It's OK to giggle, but please don't laugh. It's my first one. LOL! OK, I guess you can laugh. I completely disassembled the scrapbook paper, or as my husband said "I mutilated it". And put together this 8x10 that I will call {Deco Art} hee hee! It turned out OK I think, it's a little crooked and I have creases and bubbles that I didn't get out. But it's my first one and next time I know what to do different.

*Note To Self* Do NOT glue canvas to kitchen counter and don't answer cell phone with decoupage on finger's, finger's must be preyed from phone.

Decoupage, I {heart} you