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February 22, 2010

Pottery Schommetery...

This morning as I was dusting my curio cabinet I caught a glimpse of these beautiful pieces of pottery that my children have made me over the years hiding in the back.  They survived a divorce and a few moves.  They deserve to be showcased.  Hmmm.... where should I put them?  I had an empty space in the hallway upstairs and a shelf with broken hooks that needed to be fixed.  So ofcourse I DECOPAUGED it, LOL!  My new poor man's craft.

I do admit that a few of them are quite scary, especially the sun in the back with BIG lips.  Then my eyes travel over to the white tile that has BFF all over it.  This was made when Amber was in 2nd grade and thought that little ole me, her Mom and her would be best friends forever.  She's 14 now, maybe I need to point it out to her when she gets home from school.  I can see her eyes rolling now.

As I'm hanging the shelf, Alex walks upstairs and blurts out "Are you sure you should be doing that?" then a polite little "Does Daddy know what your doing?"  I guess my kids think I'm incapable of using a hammer and nails safely.  Daddy always hangs things up because I lack the ability to level it properly and it drives him nuts when I don't center things in the middle of the wall.  Oops, I'm pretty sure it's centered and I *think* it's level.


Jodi said...

I think that is a fabulous idea! I have all those same clay creations hiding all over my house. I may have to try that.