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March 16, 2010

Smarter Than Your Average Bear...

Alex and Lexi love to play with the doodle pad.  Here they are showing off their smarts.


Alex has just amazed me.  He's 4 and there are so many things he can spell by himself.  He's basically taught himself to read just by memorizing words on signs and things.  There are eight kids and he can spell all their names as well as his own.  Granted, some of the letters are shaped alittle strange like his x and e's.  But he's a smart little sucker.  He already knows all his color words.  He even knows how to drive, he's a horrible backseat driver.  "Mom, why are you slowing down?" or "That's not the way"

We are currently working on adding and subtracting.  He can do it if I talk him through, but write it down and he thinks I'm drawing crosses.  Haha.  He also informed me that he prays at his school and that we need to pray too.  Too cute!


Tina said...

what clever little boys. they can already draw better than me lol

By way mate i have a new url domain name. My blog name is still the same. If you dont mind could you change my old url in your blogroll to this one instead:


Thanks :)

The Foley 5 said...

Very impressive Alex!!