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March 15, 2010

My First Header...

I am so PROUD of myself!  It only took me about three days to make this header for my blog.  I've been wanting for awhile now to be able to make my own blog templates.  So I finally sat down and took the initiave along with *Ahem* other blog tutorials to guide me through.

It was surpringly easy.  Ok, I won't lie, it was very hard for me.  Only because I was never able to sit continuosly and follow the tutorial step by step.  The price you pay for being a Mom.  When I'd return to the computer I always forgot where I left off or one of the kids, not naming any names but he's 4, would log me off and get on his side.  Or PhotoShop would freeze up, stupid pc, and I'd have to reboot the computer.

But I did it, I accomplished something I've been wanting to do for awhile now.  Go Me!


Joy said...

VERY cute!

I have made my own header before but never an entire template.

The Foley 5 said...

It looks great! You did a wonderful job! And I LOVE birds, so I like it that much more :)