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May 30, 2010

Disrespecting The Stay At Home Mom, aka... SAHM

I'm a stay at home Mom who gets disrespected by other's.  My value and worth to you may not be much, but it's worth alot to me and my children.  So does this term mean anything?

I'm editing to add that the "they" I'm referring to is not the Mother but the Father.

I love kids. I just may not love watching your kids.
This article sums up the way I feel in a nutshell.  She could not have written it better.  Because I choose to stay home to raise my children doesn't mean I'm stupid.  Insinuating that I'm dumb or unintelligent completely flies all over me the wrong way.  I too once had a career and made more money than my husband and 5 years ago was probably still more than the person who dissed me this week.  Maybe my vocabulary now mostly consists of words like boo boo and yummmmy in my tummy.  But it's my kids who wait their turn at the park and have been taught to share their toys without beating another kid over the head first.  It's my children who says please and thank you to other adults because this "dumb" Mom taught them.  To undervalue me because you think I don't do anything or I'm already watching kids. Well, hello? those are my kids I'm watching. To ask me to take less money than what you already pay me, which by the way isn't nearly enough for the trouble that I have to go through with your kid, because you CHOSE to take a less paying job is like telling me to clean your nasty feet. I'm sorry, but that's the way they made me feel.  My home is not an auction block.  I'm not an auction block and maybe you should have checked with me first before you put both feet in the frying pan and now your out a babysitter.  Guess they thought I was "dumb" or didn't have a choice but to take what they offered.  Fooled them.  Ha ha.

Now please, I totally respect working Mom's. I do not point my finger at them or their children.  Just this one particular "THEY" that I keep referring to.  I'm not saying my children are any better than anyone Else's, just more well behaved than "their" kid, notice I didn't say better.


The editors said...

I prefer the term "full-time mom" because "stay-at-home" makes it sound like the default mode is to leave your kids. It also sounds like you never get out, You're stuck. Not just anyone can use the "full-time" mom label. It turns the tables on those who would disrespect us.

Leslee P said...

I loved the article and what you wrote was also so well written. I could not have said it better myself... Remind me to not get on your bad sode.... :)

Wife to the Rockstar said...

UUUUG. I have heard negativity too. In fact last year when we were raising funds to adopt, a cousin of my husband's went on a rant about how I need to get a job.