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May 15, 2010

Homemade 3-Ingredient All Purpose Cleaner

I'd love to say that I "invented" this recipe or wrote this entire post, but I'd be lying... and since I tell my kids all the time to not lie, cheat or steal and they would stay out of trouble, I must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I copied and pasted.  There, I said it.

Have I mentioned before just how much I love bleach and it's my best friend?  Well, I'm thinking that the bleach is gonna have to move over cause there's a new gal in town.  I'm not sure though if this all purpose cleaner would be considered as a disinfectant.  Maybe?  Since it has peroxide in it?  I can't wait to mix it together and then put on my gloves and start scrubbing.

The recipe:

2 cups Water
1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
¼ cup Lemon Juice
Mix and adjust to suit your needs.

The author of the original post says:
Hydrogen peroxide is the key to this cleaner. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic, and readily available. It's a nearly odorless liquid that is commonly used on open wounds and therefore safe to use around pets and children. Hydrogen peroxide has stronger cleaning capabilities than vinegar and works much like bleach, just without any harmful health or environmental effects. You can also add about half a cup of this mix into laundry water to whiten clothes. The acidic lemon juice helps break down grime and add a fresh citrus scent. Water helps dilute the mixture. I keep it pre-mixed in a reused windex spray bottle for easy access.

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