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July 18, 2010

DNA Testing

I never knew being a Brock was a big deal, or atleast which Brock you descended from was a big deal.  There is a site that is completely dedicated to Brock DNA testing.  It turns out that the majority of Brock's in the U.S. are from two Brock brother's who immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1700's with their parents.  But there is a third Brock who has no relationship to this set of Brocks.  Wow.  Let me just say first of all, these Brocks were some baby making people, my Grandfather had 16 kids between two wives.  Woah.  That's alot of diapers, spitup and poop.

The Brock DNA testing is available to any male who carries the Brock last name.  It's a special chromosome that is passed onto the son by the father.  That leaves my children out.  But I did call my oldest brother and asked him would he be interested in it and maybe we siblings could pool our money together to pay for the testing.  Although I am 99.9% sure that we are the descendents of one of these two brothers.  How neat.

Curious now?  You can go here Brock DNA project to read more about it or maybe perhaps you are a Brock yourself or know someone in your family who may carry the Brock last name and hasn't had luck finding their roots.


Danelia said...

I found you on Ancestry.com. I wonder if we are related. My maternal grandmother is Nancy Mirandi Brock. Her father is Irvin Columbus Brock. I'd take help with this side of the family. I have more information on my father's family.

Thanks in advance,
Danelia Chappell