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July 22, 2010

Yummy salsa!

I made this for a snack a few days ago and it was WONDERFUL!

Salsa Roja (roasted red salsa)

It was a bit spicy, I only used three Serrano peppers, next time I think I'll just put in one.  The smell from the oven was scrumptious while it was roasting!  Yummy!

I even made my own chips using the flour tortilla shells.  I've tried the corn tortilla's before but didn't really like them too much.

I just took the tortilla shells and cut them like I would a pie and fried them in canola oil in a pan on the stove, doesn't take long so don't walk away or your chips will be too brown.  After I removed them from the pan while they were still warm I lightly sprinkled salt on top.


Joy said...

looks alot like the one I just made the other day. I have a ton of tomatoes coming in and I have to have something to do with them. We also grew onions and my neighbor has some peppers!