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September 19, 2008

The Latest And Greatest Appointment.

Today I am 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I feel more like 40 weeks with the "missing" energy that I was supposed to get back during the 2nd trimester. I drug myself out of bed this morning to get two of four kids off to school, which meant I had to take my soon to be 3yr old and soon to be 10yr old to my OB appointment. It's always interesting because they want to know what the diagrams are on the wall, and the unexpected questions like "Do I have one of those?" Yeah, I wanted to crawl under the exam table when she asked that one. But don't fret, it was just my general check up; urine sample, weight, measurements, fetal heartbeat and insanity check. So nothing too serious that they couldn't be in the room with me.

All of the really important lab work came back OK. But there were a few things that she did want to discuss with me, one being my thyroid test. We heard the baby's heart beat, so sweet. And I only gained +1 pound! Yay! I don't understand how your mid-section can grow but you don't gain weight. So next month I get to find out what I'm having. Boy, girl or a cat.

I would show some bare belly picks but I don't think you could handle my war wounds from previous children.


Tina said...

war wounds eh? they are never ending are they. thats the only bad part.

mate you changed everything around! i didnt know if it was you! new name, new blog layout lol

so im assuming your not your old blog name anymore. do you want me to change on blogroll to this one?

McAngie said...

I really messed up the other blog, yeah, you can change it!! I just got all of my blogger widgets with other blog links re-installed.

Jen R. said...

Awwww, you're SO cute! :) Do you have a preference of boy or girl? And yay for 1 lb!

PB&J's Mommy said...

Look how cute you look!!! I can't wait for you to find out if it's a boy or girl!!

Octamom said...

Such a cute pic! You look great, girl! And I totally understand about 'previous battle scars'--Imy mid-section looks like it was clawed by grizzlies!!!


Rosie : ) said...

Very cute. :) the weight thing is funny ~ I always lost a bit of weight at the beginning and the end of each pregnancy. Who knew? :)

Bah, the war wounds are great battle scars. They are part of your big achievements, right? :)

Ang said...

So cute girlie!!!