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September 26, 2008

Old McDonald Had A Farm....


We took a little trip with our home school group from church today to a local farm. The kids had a great time but I can't say as much for the animals. I was a little disapointed though, I thought that we'd get a little tour and the kids would get to pet the animals and ride the ponies, but no. They did have a neat caboose parked on the farm, Alex thought that was really cool.

Alex petting the goats head, there is a body attached on the other side of the gate.

My sweet boy!

The poor pony was tied to the fence, he couldn't run away from the kids.

We actually got all of the kids to stay in one spot for a picture in front of the caboose. Amazing.

The kids found an empty fish pond, they were entertained for awhile.

My wagon was a hit too!


jolincountry said...

Great pictures! That picture of Alex with the wagon is so cute!
My kids had a great time!