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October 13, 2008

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

Happy birthday my sweet little man! You are three years old today but it still feels like I just brought you home from the hospital. Such bittersweet sorrow to see you growing up. I cherish every moment with you, everytime you crawl into my bed and snuggle with me. Or you put your little hand on my face and look me in the eye to say "It not dark outside no more Mom." No matter how many children we have, you will always be my sweet little man.

I love you Alex



Anonymous said...

Awww. That is so precious.


jolincountry said...

What a cute newborn picture!
Happy Birthday Alex!!!

PB&J's Mommy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Little Man! And big hugs to mommy, I'm the same way, I get sad seeing my baby grow up. But look on the bright side, you'll have a new little one to snuggle with before you know it and you'll appreaciate Alex being a little more independant :)

Tina said...

happy birthday! yay! hope he has a lovely day.

time goes so fast doesent it. i still remember the day i was in hospital with mine and being pregnant!

Jodi said...

Awwww. Happy Birthday!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet little brother Alex! I love you little man and I will see you this weekend! hugs, your sisters in Georgia, Megan & Syssa

Octamom said...

So sweet! It goes so fast, doesn't it? Happy, happy bday!