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October 13, 2008

When Potty Training Goes Bad...

What happens when your potty trained child becomes un-potty trained? You find soiled underwear hidden underneath clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. Sneaky huh? Think Mom won't notice that horrible smell when she's doing laundry? Or what about when they have pooped in their big boy pants and try to fix it themselves, only to make a big mess that brings your Mother to tears. This was my weekend. Cleaning up after my potty trained child.

I just don't get it. He was perfectly potty trained back when summer started, but now, only when he feels like it. We can go to the park, he can go hours without having an accident or need to potty. But as soon as we walk in the front door of our home, he's had an accident. It's exhausting. Sticker's don't work, time out doesn't work, even underwear doesn't work, that's when he hides them knowing he had an accident.

This is what happens when potty training goes bad.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. That stinks. I think it is called regression. Maybe the new baby has him feeling off?

He will go back.

I did get a laugh out of this . Sorry.

McAngie said...

Well it is kind of funny by today, it wasn't on Sunday morning when I had to pull out the carpet cleaner and my head was already pounding from sinuses :( then to have to turn on that loud thing. I wish I had a video of all the girls running out of the bedroom screaming "ewwww"

Octamom said...

Uh oh! Hope he finds the motivation to get back on track--sneaky, stowing the evidence away in the laundry hamper!


Tina said...

oh no thats stressful. even now evan uses toilet he occassionally wees his pants and gives an excuse.

i think its down to laziness mostly!

good luck with the training m8

Jodi said...

Ewwww. My kids never had this problem thankfully. Of course our nephew has this problem in triplicate but I chalk his up to his previous life.

I wish I had some advice but all I can do is say I am right there with you.

PB&J's Mommy said...

Oh no! I don't envy you right now, I'm terrified to start potty training Parker because he is no where near ready! I'm thinking it's true what they say ... Boy's are harder to potty train!