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October 15, 2008

Teaching Boys About The Kitchen...

Mornings here start very early, my alarm starts going off at 4:30 am for my husband, see him off, then I doze off just for what seems like a few minutes and the second alarm is buzzing. Time to get Bethany & Amber up for school. Oops, did I forget to let the cat in to eat? And there is my "Smokey" sitting faithfully in front of the living room windows when I open the blinds. As soon as he sees the first crack of life inside he makes a mad dash to the front door. Let the cat in then upstairs to awaken the grouchy monsters whose sleeping abode smells of morning breath and wet towels that weren't put away the night before. Gross. Note to self: take Lysol upstairs in the mornings. Back downstairs to snuggle with my little man before we head out the door to take Bethany to her early morning tutoring Monday thru Friday, such a hassle but it's so worth it! 6:45 am prompt. Back home to wake up Matt and remind him he has to fend for himself for breakfast and to remember he walks to school so he needs to leave in time and then I'm off again with Amber and the neighbor to her school, 7:20 am. Back home by 7:30. Mmmm, something smells good. Smells like croissants, rolls or something in the kitchen.

I walk around the corner kitchen cabinet to find Matt's canned biscuit creation.

I really try hard not to {snicker} that he wasn't bright enough to get a bigger pan if the whole can of biscuits wouldn't fit into this pan, so instead, he just piles all of the biscuits on top of each other until every biscuit was out of the can. Ofcourse by the time I get the camera to take a picture of his baking skills, he's devoured half the pan, smothering his biscuits in butter and grape jelly.

I guess I should look on the bright side; atleast he didn't burn them. Aren't they a pretty golden brown on top and the same for the bottoms. So he did ok in my book this time, ha!


les_mason_curt said...

Adorable... i think that is too cute... He made his own, growing up so fast!

PB&J's Mommy said...

Gotta give him credit for taking the inititave! Awesome job Matt!