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December 12, 2008

Rain Day errr, I mean snow day!

To my joyous surprise my children are out of school today. Excuse me while I snicker. We have a snow day. I guess I can see the point of calling schools off today, it started snowing/raining last night and because the temperature wasn't going to get out of the 20's that everything would be icy. Funny, it never slows me down. We are working on our third year here and the weather man said it hadn't snowed before xmas here in 8 years. It never gets cold enough until January. Thankfully though, all of this unseasonably cool weather we've had for the past month has helped with Alex's asthma. So I'm really thankful, really I am. LOL!

But anyway... Hope you all stay warm wherever you are!


julie said...

It was 85 here yesterday. WE would love a snow day!

julie said...

We would love to have a snow day! It was 85 here yesterday!

Rosie : ) said...

We had a snow day, after a severe snwostorm warning, about 2 weeks ago. The buses weren't unning twice already. And ice storms are generally around the corner during this time of year, but since it's been so cold, I doubt the snow will melt anytime soon.

Jodi said...

We are buried in snow and digging out of drifts taller than the cars. And the morning temp? -35F. Yeah, that is a negative number.

We are freezing but thankfully the kids got out of school here too.

I so need to move to Florida!