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February 26, 2010

How Crazy Can I Make Mommy?

Need to giggle a little?  Maybe a smile after pulling an all nighter with an 11 month old who screamed ALL night.  Lexi has this blood curtling scream, oh my, that just makes you want to shove peanut butter in your ears and pull your hair out.  Literally.  Just ask her Daddy.  So last night she decided to pull this stunt of seeing how many times she could make Mommy get out of the bed and stumble to the crib in the corner of the room... little did I know she had already thrown things from her crib, one of which was a squeaky rubber duck that I stepped on (don't know how it got in there), so I am tripping over several paci's and blankets and when I get to her and pick her up she starts her baby babble.  Ugghhh.... back to bed again.  This went on all night.  So this morning I'm doing my usual reading of my favorite blogs and I stumbled over this one from Storing Up Treasures and let's just say that she hit the nail right on the head with her family as I do mine.  Although she's up by two kids than me, that's ok, I can SO relate.  I get the stares and glares from passerby's.  But she made me smile.  It's nice to know your not the only disheveled mess.  Thanks Courtney!