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March 2, 2010

Not Loving My Cricut :(

It's not that I just don't like it, I'm having a hard time finding time for it.  Yes, dear hubby has let me make many excursions to the craft store and so far the only thing that I've made with it was a letter M and cut out some funky stuff.  But the "M" was the only thing I used.  I'm SO not into the scrapbook stuff, I've really tried to make myself, but it's just not me.  I'd rather rip paper to shreds and glue it back together again with mod podge.  Sad huh?

So what to do now?  Ho Hum.... wonder who I can pawn it off on?  I really do miss my sewing machine.  I really could kick myself for selling my sewing machine.

*FYI* I have added a new label to some of my whiny posts; Hormones.


Danie Nicole said...

i've always thought having a cricut would be awesome! i just don't have the money to allow it.

Jodi said...

Maybe you can sell it and buy a new sewing machine?